A Fresh Graduate Story of Ade Harnusa Azril

Pulling The Plug on Chordeo

For those who didn’t already know, Chordeo is a project that my friends and I develop this past year or so. It is a crowdfunding service inspired by Kickstarter. Aimed to help fund people with creative ideas or social causes to make their ideas reality.

It was a noble cause (and still is), but we kept encountering obstacles on the way. The development was painfully slow, our team started to lose focus on it.

So, we decided to stop developing Chordeo. This, of course, is not an easy decision for me. I already made many promises to a lot of people. If you are one of those people, I am sorry for not living up to your expectation.

Not everything is a waste. I have earned a lot of lessons and new skills on the way and hopefully this experience will help my next venture to be better and wiser.

Finally, the front-end side of Chordeo is actually pretty much done. And I want to give it to people who want to developed similar service (maybe you have better team and luck) or similarly designed website. It is released under WTFPL (Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License), so feel free to download hereand go nuts with it.


This article is my 2nd oldest. It is 212 words long.
That’s it. It was probably the toughest story of Ade Harnusa Azril. But I think he gained tons of meaningful experiences. Sometimes Ade even blamed life for not being fair to him. He gave up everything for chasing his dream, to make something beneficial for the mankind (or for some people who need it if you think I exaggerated). However, it ended up as a failure story. But yeah, failing is just another new journey to success. It is just the way life teaches us about the meaning of life. (Did I write too many ‘life’?)
From my point of view, life is always fair even though it takes time for us to understand about its fairness. You know that started from the time we were born lots of things have been polluting our minds. We value things based on society’s paradigm. And this is what happened to us. A lot of people want to get the result instantly and fear of failure. Many people wanted a smooth way to get their dream. Knowing what is your true dream is not the finish line. To make it come true is a different animal. Yeah, understanding what you really want doesn’t mean you can have it easily.
Life is not comic. Life is dynamic it. It has no single plot. Sometimes we have to turn left, turn right, or even turn back. That’s how life reshapes our self. It will drive us to the correct path only if we are willing to give our best for every decision we made. Life is always about revision. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we always have what we need. Sometimes, bad thing also happens. And when the bad thing happens, all we can do is to cool down. Be patient. Because complaining does not give you any benefit. Take a deep breath, don’t forget to take the lesson from everything that happens to you.
I think it will be a turning point on Ade’s life that will be memorable until the day he died. Actually, I also joined the chordeo force as Social Media Manager. And yeah, my contribution was less than the others’. I only wrote a few articles in Chordeo blog. And yeah, the one who tweeted goodbye is me. Nevertheless,, goodbye is just another way to say “see you again”, although it is the worst one.

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