Forcing My Self to Post This One

I just arrived in my room. I feel so tired, but I don’t know why I already opened this tab. I want to write my activity for today.

This morning, I attended a talk given by Dr Asvial from UI which discussed about Payload Communication Design for IiNUSAT-1. I think it is still related to the previous post in this blog. I was very excited to listen to the talk. I believe it is because I once joined ITB-SAT. I also attended one IiNUSAT consortium’s seminar as a supplementary speaker, complementing Ridwan who gave a presentation on student movement in satellite research.

From my point of view, Dr Asvial was doing well on giving his talk. Besides, I think everyone is interested on the topic. We are talking about nano satellite bro, what could be more interesting than that? (well actually many other things are same interesting as nanosatellite :D). A lot of question are asked by the audience such as, Why do you use ATMEGA? Why do you choose hexagonal shape?  Most of the questions are very technical. But, since this IiNUSAT project is a collaborative project (6 Institutions are taking part in this project, UI is responsible for the payload communication aspect), some of the questions couldn’t be answered precisely by Dr. Asvial.

And you know what, once again a non-technical aspect become a concern. Someone was throwing this question: What is lesson learned from the collaboration, in terms of project management? And I could see that a few people were smiling. Yes, it is never easy to conduct a collaborative project. Dr Asvial also told us that one of the major problem is time. Every researcher already has their activity apart from this project, that’s why sometimes Dr Asvial couldn’t attend the meeting, the same situation also happen in other institute.

In the end of his presentation, Dr Asvial also offering some collaboration opportunity with NTU. I think he could sell the past collaboration experience with other university in a very good way. Hmm, on that occasion Dr Rusli (associate chair for Graduate Studies EEE NTU) said “For some of you who are not familiar, there are 3 top engineering schools in Indonesia (UI, ITB, UGM) and they are on the team. They have a good reputation, that’s why we want to recruit their alumni too.” Some people were laughing. What about me? I just said like this (of course I said it inwardly, moreover I said it in Bahasa), “Sial, salah satu yang terjebak bujuk rayunya adalah gua“.. Haha. Just Kidding.

Well, actually I still got a plenty of stories that I would like to tell, but this eye can’t stand the drowsiness anymore. Today I saw a girl crying in front of me, that’s the longest awkward moment ever. -_-“


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