Cognitive Computing Era

The world changes rapidly. I don’t know if children nowadays are still playing hide and seek –like I was back then-, but I am sure most of them are now familiar with PC, smart phone, and tablet. Technology has reshaped the way kids live.

The thing is, in our daily lives, we always deal with information. As the time goes by, we need tools to help us managing information. Therefore, information technology is rising. And nowadays, this technology has been growing rapidly. It plays a significant role in our lives. The presence of the internet, computer, and mobile device have changed the way we do our job. For example, if in the past we used to post mail to send letter and document, today we like to use electronic mail which is easier and more accessible. We only need to write our letter on screen and then send it by computer or mobile device. This new way to do our job was never imagined before.

Well, actually people had ever imagined that kind of technologies in the past. We can tell from a lot of science-fictions. It turned out that yesterday’s dream had already become today’s reality. But the next question is “what is next?

It’s the very nature of human being to have some kind of curiosity and desire to invent something. This curiosity has led human to observe the universe and try to make some creations by using nature principle. Then, people create an airplane based on their knowledge about birds and other flying animals. People also try to imitate their brain by developing artificial intelligence. People then start to observe how bat locates its target in order to improve their military radar.

And now, we already knew about IBM Watson. We already knew about Siri. We already knew about Google and a lot of its secret projects. We are now entering the world of cognitive computing era. The entire thing is supposed to be able to process information just like human brain. We do not even know what kind of machine would exist in the next decade.

I heard of “Artificial Genuine Intelligence” while I was still undergraduate student. I joined RESTU team. Although I was not involved to deep in this project, I learned about many things in general. I learned a little about speech technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. I was surprised that people do eager to create a cognitive system which works like cognitive system created by God.

Just like in video above, Restu is armed with some simple (in fact, it’s very complicated indeed, you won’t be able to make such thing for your undergraduate thesis) genuine intelligence. It could acquire knowledge from what people teaching it. After recognizing human’s voice, it tries to parse the sentence. Then, it saves the object and subject of the sentence into a thing called ‘atom’. Every time somebody puts new information which contains a recognized atom, it will be linked to the previous atom which has been generated before. With this mechanism, it can accumulate the knowledge and uses this prior knowledge to decide the next action, for example, answering question.

Well, currently I was doing a little survey for my research topic. And.. you know what.. I found that one of emerging topics in radar information processing area is Cognitive Radar. Once again, it attempts to bridge neuroscience and engineering.

Yeah, nowadays every machine is created to think! Human forces the machine to work just like intelligent being. I think human will never stop to develop science and technology until mankind could create the imitation of the whole universe (well, I’m exaggerating).

I think that’s it for this post.

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