Between Research and Coursework

I think it is the first time I am writing a story about my academic life. Actually, I wrote a few stories about my academic life at tumblr. You can check these out:

Okay, so now, I want to tell you about what happened yesterday 2 days ago in previous week.

Previous week, a senior told me to come to prof’s office. I walked to his office. Then, I knocked the door.

“Come in”

“Zee Shan told me that you call me”

“Yes, I want to know whether you are making a progress or not”

So I took a seat. There was a senior. He’s been studying here for four years, now is his fifth year.

They were arguing. I only sat and heard their conversation in mandarin. Awkward moment. I could feel the emotion between them. It’s like 20 mintes, I had been waiting, listening to a debate that I couldn’t understand except a few words like SNR and SINR. Finally, professor asked him to move out, to end the debate. Senior stood up, yet he continued a little bit. It ended up with a little anger from prof.

Then, it came to my turn. At first he said sorry. He said that it would be very difficult to make a correction if one doesn’t tell the truth. There will be no improvement, if one doesn’t admit the mistake. It turns out that a good communication is also needed in academia. Inability to communicate well is a big problem.

I think it will never harm for telling the truth and answering the question. The reason is, in this so called academia, integrity must be upheld. It’s not an easy task to carry on. One also has other agendas. In my opinion, sometimes, there is a thing much more important than the truth itself. Doing something for your own good, although it is not a 100% right, often helps to keep you alive.

He asked me about my progress. I said “Nothing”. I am taking three course and the assignment is many. But then he said I should have the time for doing the reading. Then he asked about what he asked me to do. I opened my note, read what I took note of.

“Is that all?”

“Yes, that’s all what you said”

I was so anxious. I was afraid that I didn’t take a note for something important. I thought he was still in a bad mood. Silence was there for a few minutes.

“Now I remember what I want to tell you”

It turned out he really forget what he want to tell me. What a relief. He gave me two papers to take picture of. He said I should do the same with algorithm developed by our team. He asked me whether I go to campus everyday or not. I said yes. He asked me at what time I go to campus. I answered his question. Then, he asked me to go to campus earlier.

But, it’s quite an issue for me to come earlier -__-


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