Option and Hard Work

It is only when you have nothing that you realise what you can truly achieve.

The value of nothing is this: if I did not start out with nothing, I might not have worked as hard as I did. If you really want to commit yourself to a task, then the ultimate way to do so is to destroy all your options.

Why? Because if you know that you have no escape route, then you know that failure is not an option. You can either succeed or perish. Sometimes, it is only at the brink of death that man begins to reveal his true potential.

I am quoting this from a book titled “Singapore’s Lost Son”. Somehow it gives me the answer of a question I’ve been questioning for a long time..

I realized why I end up being a loser. I always have an escape route. That’s why I never give my best shot for everything. That’s why I never work as hard as the others.

Now, I spent my Saturday and Sunday to resolve my personal issues. I try to understand what my real goal is. I looked back to recall some words said by my coach-my friend-a great man. He once said that I should have set my goal before I made up my decision. At that time, I found it was difficult to produce a crystal clear vision. However, I think I had absolutely nothing back then. Because the goal is not set, it will be impossible to be achieved. That’s why I don’t perform quite well up to this time.

I also made a list of things that I thought impossible to do. I believe to achieve the impossible, one must attempt the impossible. Hope it will bring greater good in the future.


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