Hello Again!

I can’t believe that my first semester’s already passed. As I finished my last paper on Machine Vision two days ago, examination period was over. What a relief. Now, I am free from learning something I don’t want to know. Now, I can go back into the jungle of research.

Starting from yesterday, I continued to write simulation code for a stepped radar. I have been trying to apply a new algorithm which works like MUSIC algorithm. Of course up to now, my simulation is not yet running correctly. Even the MUSIC algorithm itself is not working properly. But on the other hand, the new algorithm is being a good approximation for the MUSIC algorithm, this is a positive appeal which makes me think that not all of this work is a waste 😀

Yeah of course many people say that this is what we called research. It is not a research if it is working in the first place, as they said “Failure? Get upset, get up, and get on with it!”. I think I need to learn the basic concept of antenna array again, since I did not even grasp the  whole idea of this thing. All I am trying to do is, I want to produce result quickly, so I thought it would be better if I just try to work on code directly. Unfortunately, this attempt has succeed to lead me into confusion. There are many papers on my desk, I try to compare all of them, try to find the correlation between this and that, matching matrices dimensions, and so on.  But in the end, I draw a conclusion that I should read again the basic theory. A man once said that a true master is the one who master the basic concept.

I guess time does fly. Many things happened during my first semester. I was experiencing many ups and downs. There are many stories I want to tell you, I think I will make another post later. See you!


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