Research-Development Whatsoever

Right after attending Research Methods yesterday, I started to wonder about many things. The class itself was very boring. The lecturer admitted it would be very hard to teach how to do research within this course, so what he’s gonna do is to share his experience. This time was the second time he teaches this class. While the lecture was going on, there were a few times he didn’t say anything for a while. All he did was trying to find what line to say on his paper. My friend even whispered to me,”He’s like a politician trying to deliver speech”. And then, everyone started to laugh softly. Though there was some awkward moments when he taught us, what he’s trying to deliver was meaningful indeed.

The first interesting topic was “Innovation”. Actually, we had this guest lecturer from MIT in the previous week. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the class because I had to attend another class. But, thanks to technology, I still can watch the recorded lecturer (in edventure) and even the flash presentation ( So, it’s about re-defining innovation.

And then I started to think again what should I do.. questioning myself.. my purpose..

So, what I am currently doing is still in the so called development phase? How am I supposed to do this research?

Is it possible that if I continue to work on what I’m just starting, I will make some impact to the world?

Why did I choose this option? What’s my real purpose actually? Am I in the right path?

Oh, Men.. these all are just tools..

What should I do?


And then I realize that Indonesia is being faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar left. And I don’t know how I could make a change and bring up a better situation..

well, the more essential question I should ask to myself is.. how could you make a change if you can’t even change yourself.. All you have to do now is to prove that you are able to invent your own future..

But then, it makes a crazy loop.. because if I want to invent my future, I have to know first what kind of future that I see..

I have no clear vision right now.. Erghh

Well, I know this post is meaningless.. It’s like I don’t have any single point to be pointed out on this post..

I don’t know, in all of a sudden, I’m tired of writing this post..

And Grammar Nazi, don’t kill this post. It’s not an academic writing.. its just an absurd-mumbling-post


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