“Gradient Search”

So, I had this conversation with Afin in the lunch time. I asked him whether predictive control is the same animal as adaptive filter. To the best of my knowledge, adaptive filter could be used as predictive filter which could obtain the transfer function producing the future input as the present output. According to him, these two are closely related. The difference between them is the actuating process. In adaptive filtering, we only predict the future input without actuating the thing.

He said that predictive control is not actually applicable up to this day. It is really hard to implement. As we all know, feedback is always a double-edged sword. If we are not careful to employ this sword, it could backfire. But then, if this predictive control is not really applicable, why do people keep doing research on Cognitive Radar? If such a thing could not be implemented well in a control system, why we would use that in Radar? Maybe because it’s never been used before?

Ermm.. anyway, we also talked about Gradient Search.. and I don’t know, it’s just like in life.. sometimes we have no clue of the optimum path we should take. So, sometimes we use this ‘gradient search’, trying to go with the flow.. just follow where the wind blows, only face the thing you can clearly see..

And maybe, currently I am on this ‘Gradient Search’ mode.. 

After English class, I went back to the lab. I took thirty minutes for browsing around the internet. I got many interesting news and conflicts. One of them is about fake Ph.D degree claim. Meanwhile, I and Afin had this wild idea of a company which is filled with many Ph.D dropouts :p. And then, I read about adaptive filter processing again accompanied with Adhitia Sofyan’s voice on soundcloud. One of my favorite songs from him is In To You. It’s throwing me to the past memories..

All of a sudden, a desire to write this post appeared in my heart. I don’t know why, but I really want to have this bedroom recording someday. I want to learn to play many musical instruments. I want to make songs everyday..

I don’t know since when this started. I was never a music guy. But now, I can’t stop playing guitar everyday. It’s like the part of my life now. It’s very strange to go through the day without playing guitar. I also love to sing, but too bad, it doesn’t love me back 😦

And then, again, I started re-thinking my purpose. Where is it, the highest peak that I want to climb? Most of the time I couldn’t see it, but I know my gradient search is in the correct way to find the peak.

Apart from that, now I really enjoy studying about Radar.. and I am trying harder to love the courses which I take. It’s hard, but I have to try since I have no choice for now.

But again, sometimes I can almost see it. I like to draw.. I like to communicate with people.. I like writing.. I have interest in education, science, innovation.. many things.. Up to now, the only thing I find fit to all of it is interactive digital media. And then I start to dream to go there.. to a place where you are measured from your passion.. a place where degree is not a requirement.. all you have to do is passionate to the field and to show the proof of your devotion..

Can I see it? Can I reach it? Let the ‘gradient search’ do its job


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