[Social Analogy] Doppler Radar

This post is inspired by three things which cross my mind. The first thing is my research on Pulse-Doppler Radar which doesn’t show any progress since I have been procrastinating for the last few days. The second, I visited my friend’s blog which discusses “frequency” in social life. It happens that the life story of this friend reminds me of an Indonesian novel-movie, “Perahu Kertas”. In that narration, the term “Radar of Neptune” (it’s more like some kind of telekinesis to track someone which has intimate spiritual relation with the radar user, and it’s only a joke in the story anyway ) is mentioned. It is also a coincidence that this ‘radar’ lead my memory to a question asked by Mas Ivandeva, the coach in my former company:

“Can you build a radar which is able to penetrate through the heart of human, to detect their true feeling?”

Because nowadays, people are prone to forget that human is not a heartless being. Yet some of them would prefer to live like a heartless one, to pay no attention to the others. Sometimes they even forget that they do live their own lives. They live their lives according to what people told them, or simply do the routine they took for granted.

Sheldon Cooper wearing Doppler Effect costume in a costume party.

Pulse-Doppler Radar

This kind of radar employs the principle of Doppler effect to detect the radial velocity of a target. It can be done by transmitting a train of pulse with a certain pulse repetition interval (PRI) or frequency(PRF). By using this frequency-diversity, we may be able to estimate the distance and the velocity of a target. However, ambiguity may appear either on range estimation or speed estimation as we choose the value of PRF.

As for my research, currently I’ve been trying to make use of some new algorithm for DOA and TOA estimation in a stepped frequency radar. The result is quite good for multiple still targets in high SNR environment. Now, I have to do it for moving targets. However up to this time, I haven’t got a good result yet for this scheme.

And actually, I did not take any course related to radar in my undergraduate studies. Sometimes, I feel frustrated when I couldn’t grasp the basic concept while reading radar textbooks. But then, I keep on reading and motivating myself, there’s no such thing as stupidity, the only thing that exists is our reluctance to learn. The same rule applies for pursuing your dreams, there is no failure as long as you keep on trying.

Those cliche sayings sound very true indeed when we really lives our life. I believe that frustration, hardship, and those moments when things don’t work out as what you expected are the moment when we realize the cliche is real.

In our social life.

Just like what I wrote before this post, friends always help us to grow up while time forces us to grow old. As we move on in life, we may meet new people, have a wonderful experience, and eventually we will throw a farewell message. And I believe, as we are parting, we are not the same person as the person who met them for the first time. Those friends changed us. They may increase or decrease our frequency. They may decrease our anger frequency, so that we’re not easily-get-mad as before. They may increase our patience frequency, so that we’re not easily-get-insulted as before.

These frequencies are adjusted while we are interacting with our friends. Without realizing it, we may leave our old friend whose frequency is not within our tolerance rate anymore (while our rate is also changing). It’s true that when we make new friends, we should not forget old friends. But then, not forgetting them doesn’t mean that we have to mingle with them again.

There are some cases when a person is not a friend that we used to know. No matter how hard we try to blend with them, they just don’t seem to do the same for us. It seems like, we have to move on with our life, leaving behind things we cannot change, but it doesn’t mean the experience and the intimacy we once had with them was not real. We have to remember that they were there and makes a significance in our life, make us who we are right now.

And of course we need some kind of radar in our heart to detect these frequencies..

In self-development

I don’t know for you guys, but for me, time flies away in a speed that is faster than speed of light (of course it’s not literally, it’s very awkward in terms of physics :p). And as I’m getting older, I keep questioning myself, am I being a better person? am I getting more mature than 15 years old me? I think self-progress is the only criterion available to measure our life. There are many things we cannot control, but we should have the power to control ourselves all of the time.

And again, we need to make use of our radar to contemplate, to measure whether we’re moving in a positive speed, zero, or a negative one. The more we pay attention to what is really happening in our life (how we react to small things), the more accuracy we get in estimating our speed on being a better self. But sometimes, we need to make a long reflection to our past in order to compute how far we have run. 

I think that’s it for this post.! I know the analogy is not quite an analogy, but that’s what crosses my mind right now :p

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