Glasses of Gratefulness

I just want to write a short story before going home (I’m planning to go home early and trying to have a normal working hours for this semester). This story is about gratitude.

In life, we often miss the mark of blessing. We tend to take thing as it is, take for granted a thing which actually can be a real bless from another point of view. Yet, when we put on somebody’s shoes, we may look at it as a totally different thing.

Recently, a friend of mine came to Singapore to start his new journey, to become a Ph.D student at NUS. In less than thirty days, he already made a few ‘stories’. After facing some challenges in registering for a Bank Account and registering as a student, he is once again experiencing a quite troublesome event in his Ph.D life (although he’s just starting over). This afternoon, he sent me a Whatsapp message saying that his proposed supervisor is about to resign from his job which means that he has to find another supervisor.

From a few stories, I could understand now that I gained so many easiness when I started the new journey here. I resigned early from my former company. I got my room ready when I first came here. I got my bank account ready in a few moments after coming to the bank officer’s desk. I got my student pass in as scheduled in the timetable. I got my super-mega-ultra-kind-supervisor who is very caring and very considerate.

In a blink of an eye, I started to realize that all of them are the real blessings from God. It’s not something I gained due to my strength and endeavor. And you know what I’m so grateful of in this course?

I’m so grateful that I still have the glasses of gratefulness. And sometimes, I get the chance to wear it, to see the world from it’s beauty.. to see everything as Heaven on Earth.. to see everything as a blessing from the Almighty.

Because, when I look around, some people close to me don’t even realize that such glasses exist. This is the sad part. We cannot force someone to wear this glasses. We can only tell them, hey you, you should know you can always wear that glasses. It is true that in the end, something called hidayah or guidance is God’s concern (but of course we have to keep working on it).

So as an epilogue, I’d like to quote one of my favorites:

We may not be able to change life, but we can always change the way we look at it.

Don’t forget to be grateful of small things! 😀


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