Recently, I got a new hobby. It all started when a friend of mine (Tari) asked (through some LINE group), “I’m gonna send postcards, write down your complete address if you want to get one.” Without having much thought, I wrote down my address. And then once again, another friend (Adit) asked and I requested just another postcard.


Postcards which I sent to Indonesia this afternoon.

Is it better than a messenger?

A few weeks later I received a postcard for the first time in my life. It was very exciting. It reminds me of the very first letter that I wrote; I sent it to my grandfather when I was about five years old. I feel delighted somehow. It’s kinda weird because I already knew the postcard would come to my house since a few weeks ago. I already knew the person who sent that postcard to me, and I even have a regular chit-chat with her via LINE or Skype.

I am not sure how different it is. Maybe because we knew that it is a real person’s handwriting (which is written by pen, not by typing on a touch screen) on that piece of paper which had been through a long inter-island/inter-continental journey (from Daejeon to Singapore/from Manchester to Singapore). It sounds so classic to know a physical thing (something you can touch, you can feel its texture) is being sent to you just for delivering a few sentences of small talk.

At that moment, I know that there are many things which technology couldn’t buy. It’s like getting a slap in my face when I remembered what I said when a friend asked me to send her a postcard a year ago. “I think it will be more real-time if we use a messenger instead of postcard

It’s like we were back to the time when we have no messenger. Somehow, it has a different taste, a flavor of antiquity. Maybe it is something we are longing for as a modern human.

The Postcard as an anchor

This morning, I once again received a postcard. I don’t know why, but it boosted my mood. Some advice/prayer is written in the last part of the message:

“Selalu sertakan Allah SWT yaa dlm setiap langkah. Jangan lupa minta doa ibu. Hehe, aamiin”

(Always be with God in each of your step. Don’t forget to request for your mom’s prayer. Amen)

And then I looked at the older postcards I got, and all of them are containing some form of supplication. I believe every good friends always write nice hope and supplication in their postcard to you. It’s like and affirmative energy for those who read it. And now, I think I want to put it on my desk in the lab as an anchor* to boost my mood up.

Thank you for all of my friends who are willing to send/receive postcards!

*Anchoring is a term in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) used to define a situation where we want to enter some emotional state by using some medium as a means. For example, if you want to be happy, you can do anchoring by playing a happy song which reminds you to the best moment in your life.

Well, actually I want to explain more about NLP as an art of intrapersonal communication, but of course it should be written in another post (not to confuse it with postcard ‘s story :p).


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