Archifest – Experience Market @ Dhoby Ghaut Green

This event took place about two weeks ago (Oct 12th, 2013). I was going to this event because my friends’ consulting firm designed the market.

On Thursday, one of them (Robbi) told me he was in Singapore and asked me if I have free time to meet up. So I met them and had a quite long conversation on many topics. It turned out that Adi was also there (Adi was my group-mate in freshmen orientation at ITB back then). I also met Opi, she’s also from architecture department. As usual, mostly we talked about our current activities, what we’d done after graduated from ITB, and what we’re gonna do in the future. It’s a normal conversation between college friends who barely hold bachelor degree for one, two, or three years.

Photo: Sahabat arsitek beraksi

Robbi was checking the bamboo construction. The handymen worked fast but not quite carefully, some bolts needed to be fasten up.

At that night, I had a dinner with them and the event organizer. It’s a nice experience to have a discussion with people from creative community in Singapore.

On Saturday, I went to the event with Ronggo. Here are some photos of it:

Some simple stuff like this could really draw the attention of crowd; they were taking photos with this.

Sort of seminar about entrepreneurship was also taking place there.

I really really like the quote on that postcard.

They offer a service to build your origami into a concrete stuff.

My friends’ booth, they sold Growbox, a real-edible-mushroom in a box (it’s an interesting idea which won a competition in Indonesia). It’s sold out within a few hours.

Some kind of amphitheater at Dhoby Ghaut Green, it reminds me about my past activities in ITB where I did a lot of venue surveys for event.

Honestl,y I really miss those time when I was not sitting all day long in front of computer. I really miss that time when I had to move from one place to another to attend meetings with people from different community. I really miss those days when I could hear people telling me about their dreams, their ideas, their imagination. (I3M meeting, which always fulfilled with ideas, optimism, and comedy — I really miss all of you guys; ITB Board of Trustees plenary meeting which was very formal and attended by professors, alumni, governor, etc. — it mostly discussed education, architecture of higher education, character development, and it really made my brain overheating; All the randoms meeting and conversation I had with people from various background)

Yeah I really miss those days.


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