On Saturday, I went to Hendry’s housewarming party with Ronggo. Since his house is located in Eunos, Ronggo and I decided to go to Singapore Expo afterward. A book expo was taking place there. Since it was a very rare chance to get cheap books, I went home with 10 books in my hand.

I know it might not be the perfect time to buy those books since the exam is approaching very fast and I still have many unread books. But I took it as an investment. And luckily, I got a few books that I’ve been wanting to read since the last year (due to friend’s recommendation and some excellent review on the Internet). And I paid only 20% of the normal price.

“Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck” became my most-wanted book since the first time I saw its cover last year at a bookstore. Reading its review and some sample part on the Internet just made the longing for this book more severe. So, when I got the chance to take it home with only $7, I was really happy and feeling so lucky!

(img source= http://www.hsgl.com/ you can also take the test in there)

And so, I tried to take the Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test and this is the result:


When I started reading the book, I thought I was about to get LUCK as my dominant factor. As it turned out, I am a HEART dominant. :p

Heart dominant individuals are the artists of the business world. You’re probably destined to be (or already are) some amalgam of founder, iconoclast, and visionary. You may be stubborn when it comes to your idea, but it is because you already have the three-act narrative bursting inside your head. And it’s an authentic narrative with nuance, feeling, and reasons for all of its particularities. You care deeply about what you are doing and can extemporaneously express your vision to anyone who will listen. The driving hunger is to translate that passion into reality and to make a change bigger than just your product. The journey towards achieving your goal is a rewarding experience in and of itself, and you tend to value the intrinsic (e.g. the sense of a meaningful role) as much as the extrinsic (e.g. money). Whether you are starting or you are doing, you are inspired by a deep purpose that drives your decision-making ahead of everything else.

The challenges for you as a Heart dominant individual might come at a critical inflection point of business growth, most commonly when it is time to scale an idea.  At this juncture, hard work is sometimes confused with progress and systems and processes can be at odds, and seen as bureaucracy, with a Heart-driven leadership style that is often founder-led (and dependent). In other instances, genuine purpose and passion isn’t enough to make up for deficiencies in organizational structure, one of accountability needed to scale. And perhaps most important to note: sometimes the market realities just aren’t in sync with your passion – at the end of the day, the commercial reality of whether customers want or don’t want what you have needs to be faced. Building a complementary team (and entrusting them with responsibility) and balancing idealism with excellence in scaled-execution are key for the long-term success of the Heart-driven.

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