It suddenly crossed my mind when I read someone’s facebook notes mentioning Noam Chomsky. Of course, it discusses the role of media in politics. My take on this: it always goes back to this very quote,

“First we create the tool, and then the tool shapes us”

When it comes to politics, we have to take into account the price of interaction between technology and society. First, we need technology to solve our problem. We develop technology to build our civilization. But, when we further take into account the speed of technology advancement, it is very terrifying. Supercomputer, ultra-connected world, biomedical devices, nuclear weapon, drone…. What if one day those greedy elites have the absolute control of this technology which can shape the society? We will not just enter the electrical warfare.. It will be an intelligent-electrical warfare!

The society will lose everything. They will keep thinking that they make choices by themselves. Although in fact they make a decision according to the knowledge they have got from the media. It’s like a pseudo-free will.

And one day, that time will come.. When the human race loses their supremacy.. Because they keep fighting each other and forget about the very reason they live here…


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