“Everyone has their own ‘Robin’. Some people managed to change their mindset, take their Robin as the one they always adore but can never have. Some managed to just accept the reality.. but unfortunately, some people are just like Ted, still insist..”

“She’s different. Other girl points out the truth although it’s bitter, say it clearly if she’s not comfortable or if she just can’t be with me.. meanwhile.. she can only gives smiley..”

“What is your definition of ‘the one’, is it the one that you’ll be married to?”

#1 The One

No, I won’t talk about love tonight. Those excerpts are just some ideas for blog post topic that I have in mind. Since a few weeks ago, my friend Emir keep suggesting me to write a blog post about ‘the one’. It’s very understandable. We are growing up accompanied by HIMYM wherein Ted keeps saying ‘what if she’s the one’, while in some recent episode there’s also a line “after ‘the one’, there will be ‘the next one'”

And as my friends couldn’t hold it anymore, wedding invitation is everywhere. And still, some of my friends are still in danger of unhealthy relationship, love triangle/square/hexagon drama, unable to move on tragedy, or one-sided love that could lead into catastrophic hyperreality for the victim.., just another friendzonized case, etc. That’s why such a topic is still interesting for us, even for some of my friends who are married.

#2 NATO Love Doctor

Apart from that, recently I’ve got an idea (probably this afternoon/night), while chatting with my current bestbro, to write about “How to deal with broken heart“. The motivation behind this idea is to strengthen my reputation as the greatest love doctor who can never help himself for his own love life because my experience on surviving hundreds of heartbreaks.

However, in the morning, it also crossed in my mind the idea of writing “What gentlemen do when falling in love”. This idea came up after a junk discussion in my friend’s Path account. One of my friends used to promote some kind of romance seminar/tutorial.

#3 Evaluating Plan

In the beginning of this semester, I made a few plans and resolutions. But as usual, time flies, and it leaves me here without any chance to evaluate myself. Sometimes I think life as introvert suits me better. When I first came here, I couldn’t imagine my life without participating into any single organization nor I could imagine myself without having chat with 3-4 people everyday.

Anyway not that I don’t enjoy or regret hanging out with friends, but I think I’ve changed into a more solitude person. Yeah, maybe sometimes I still want to blame myself for not being firm enough and managing my time according to my priorities.

#4 Coursework

Yes. I haven’t finished my coursework. And it’s probably my last chance. I had become the most senior student in coursework I guess. And since it’s the last chance, I’m expecting myself to make the most of every chance to score A. Consequently, I always want my assignment to be perfect. It makes me leave aside other tasks that I should do. But somehow, I couldn’t find enough information and data for this assignment (that I’m currently doing). I keep browsing on the internet but can never find enough data. And when I get bored and frustrated, I’ll be watching youtube videos.

It’s been a few days I’ve been doing this assignment. Tomorrow (today) is the deadline. So I guess the only thing that can stop my inefficient perfectionism is the deadline itself. So I think tomorrow (the real tomorrow I mean), I could start doing other tasks.

#5 Short Story

Other than Rudi Kusnadi project, I really want to write short stories in English. Some ideas that crossed my minds are:

  • a story of a person who is in a dillemma between career-passion-job-money-parents ideal go to visit his friend who’s studying abroad out of nowhere and undergo some absurd adventure. I also want to write a song about it.
  • a story of a person who is friendzonized. The main idea is simple, but I want to convey the message by using “Gentlemen Should Hold the Umbrella with Left Hand” slogan.
  • a story of a person who is in love with his country or his vision for his country but couldn’t manage to realize it although he has got the power to do so due to the not-quite-supportive circumstances. It’s inspired from two things: Habibie’s story (Indonesian 3rd President), and a song “Sepatu” from Tulus. I’m also planning to make a cover of the song. I really like it, it’s so philosophic

#6 Illustration


Recently I re-developed my interest into illustration again. It all started from this caricature project. All of a sudden, I get interested to make 3D sketch. Picture above is one of my attempt to do so.

Hand-drawing is more enjoyable than digital drawing with mouse anyway (say goodbye for a while to CorelDRAW).  However due to #4 I have not got the time to draw. But, I’m planning to incorporate my illustrations into Enam Cerita Rudi project, to make it as a Graphic Novel integrated with OST.

#7 Wise Words

I can never forget when some of my friends say “Fikri, I remember once you told me something, I’ll never forget those words.“, but I always forget what did I say back then. I suppose the words always speak for itself, I am just a conduit to articulate it. That’s why those words are so powerful that my friends cannot forget, but I, the one who they think has said it, can easily forget it. and when those people are re-telling me those words, all I can do is trying to understand what they really mean.. especially when those words look like related to what I’m currently doing.


I think I need to get some sleep right now. In fact there are still a few more things in my mind palace (if I’m allowed to borrow the term from Sherlock Holmes) but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Number seven is a good number to stop at.

I’m so grateful to have a place as a shelter, nice foods to eat, and really good and sincere friends. Alhamdulillah.

This is one of a kind post in this blog.. with maximum absurdity level.


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