Here’s the thing. I just wanted to borrow Mirza’s capo when he told me that four of them were about to cook something in their hostel. Since I had not eaten anything, I decided to go there hoping for free lunch although in the end they told me “there’s no free lunch” so I had to do dishwashing.

I brought my guitar. A few moments later, after we attempted to sing a few songs, I heard Ali and Husna were about to go to Chinese Garden. So I said, “Why don’t we just play guitar in there?”


It just looks like a fake “NTU Vibrant Atmosphere” photo in campus advertisement. :))

DSC03818 DSC03819

Husna, Bimo.

DSC03881 DSC03886 DSC03882

Me, Ali, and Mirza.

And it turned out very relaxing! It was not a disappointing way to procrastinate from doing homework, or another study related stuffs. :))


Sort of of album cover in 80’s

Finally, I’ll give you a bonus: just another photo of a man who’s been waiting for someone to complete his life. Someone who’s always wondering, “When will I meet the love of my life?”


“In the name of the grass, the lake, and the beautiful sunset, please send my longing to the love I just haven’t met yet”

Find more information (story) about Husna and Mirza here. (in Bahasa Indonesia)


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