Legacy: how mysterious life is and what we leave behind

Dear blog, this is the second time I’m writing log in English. My Indian friend asked me to do so because he doesn’t get the context whenever he tries to take out bahasa posts from my blog to google translate.

I was feeling so bored yesterday (saturday). All my housemates were going out. There was no futsal, not enough player. Besides, I just realized that I had been trapped in my Home-Campus-Home route for the past few weeks. In EL Rajasinga Group (a group which consists of ITB Electrical Engineering gentlemen from batch 2006 and 2007),  Muharif a.k.a Bombom asked whether we want to meet up in city area, just like the old time. This only happens if Bombom’s wife is in Indonesia.

However, Aria was in Indonesia, and Ikhsan a.k.a Mabok a.k.a the brand new husband was escorting his wife in little India. Only two of us left, and Bombom suggested we take a look at Sim Lim Square. I also needed a battery replacement for my tablet.

But then, when I asked when we should go, there was no answer from Bombom. So, in the afternoon, I decided to play basketball in HDB area.

Singapore Kindness Movement, does it work?

After playing for an hour, I waited for the vending machine near basketball court used by a young girl and her younger brother. It took quite long that I even thought to myself, “What took ’em so long?”

By the time they finished, I was up for the vending machine. I inserted one-dollar and fifty-cent coins, but there was no sign of acknowledgement from the machine. So I inserted one more one dollar coin, just to push them in; hoping I could take it back from the lever. But still, It didn’t give any acknowledgement.

Suddenly, the boy came over and asked me, “Is there any fifty-cent?”

“Ermm, I got 2.50 over there. I think they all are stuck in there,” I answered and started to insert my key into the hole.

“Wait wait,” the boy shouted and was running to the court.

He brought his sister’s hairpin. Then he pushed those coins inside the hole by using it. A few moments later 50-cent came out in the return-coin box. The machine acknowledged one dollar insertion.

“I think that’s yours.”

“You can choose now”

“Yeah but I still have one and a half got stuck. Can I borrow the hairpin”

And then I worked on it for a while. It took quite long that finally the sister came over. She didn’t say anything, by judging from her gesture, she was asking for the hairpin. “Erm, you can ..,” she was bending the hairpin for me. But it was not qute straighten out. So I asked for it, “May I ..”

After getting it straighten out, it was still difficult to push those coins in. I thought the girl and the boy were only waiting for the hairpin, but it was wrong. A few moments later, seeing me struggling with the hairpin, they brought me some folded paper.


A few moments later I got my 50-cent acknowledged. I just picked the drink and let go of my 1 dollar; I was too thirsty to bother struggling for it. I gave the hairpin back.

“Thank you”

“You are welcome”

They went back to the court while I was heading home. Suddenly I realized that Singlish accent is something very natural when you talk to local, and it’s very effective. On my way back home, I remembered there were time when I often stumbled upon the advertisement of Singapore Kind Movement on YouTube. It’s a good initiative, isn’t it?

It may look unnecessary in the first sight. But you will realize how deep it is in a while. 

We do not possess the power over everything; but we do have the ability to shoot for the stars, don’t we?

Arriving at home, I opened my twitter account. I found a news that a friend of mine was on the plane that is currently missing. I was not sure if it’s true, so I asked some friends but didn’t get any reply.

Bombom finally replied on our plan to go to Sim Lim Square. At the time I was about to leave, Delphin sent me a message. She told me Rian was in Singapore and asked for a meet up. I said I was about to go to city with Bombom and asked her to text me if they’d meet up; i’d like to join.

“To Kill Mockingbird” accompanied me during the journey to the city area. I started over since the beginning although I borrowed it from Emir two months ago. In the last few weeks, I didn’t read any book other than text-books.

When I reach half of my journey. Delphin texted me Rian did not feel quite comfortable because he doesn’t know Bombom well (although I said it’d be alright). I myself sometimes got invited to a meet up where I just know one guy, and the rest of them are from social science field. I know it doesn’t feel as good as meeting up with close friends, but you have to give it a try. Bombom also texted me and I replied by giving my current location (currently, I was not subscribing into any data plan).

Aroun eight at night, I was waiting for Bombom in Burger King when I pondering over ‘life’. That was my first meal at the day, but the bad news made me think quite hard. Am I ready for whatever gonna happen in my life? What kind of legacy would I give?

I prayed that God gives the best for Firman. I don’t know him too well. We’re not that close, but we were classmate in our first year. I tried to reminisce how I first know him. It’s like he has a dominant face. When I entered the class for the first time, he’s one of the people which I’d remember the face easily. If I was not mistaken, there was a time when he and Paulus asked me to go to Kantin Borju. But I decided to go to KBL.

Hearing bad news about him is like a reminder for myself. We, human, are not the most powerful being on earth. And for whatever the future brings, we must get ready.

Initially this post is intended to draw a connection between kindness, legacy, and parenting (and some house-of-cards related) based on my long discussion with Bombom covering many topics. But, I was too tired to continue writing.

But, I think the content is still quite relevant to the title. isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Legacy: how mysterious life is and what we leave behind

    1. Thx for reading my story. Yeah, I think it’s a good initiative! 😀

      Sure, you can publish the relevant part of my story 🙂
      You’re welcome!

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