Makmum Masbuk

Post ini singkat saja. Suatu hari saya sedang sholat sunnah sebelum dhuhur di mushola NTU. Lalu ada orang menepuk pundak saya. Saya pun tidak mengeraskan bacaan. Karena ini kejadian pertama kali dalam hidup saya, saya pun jadi awkward. Nah, habis sholat saya malah jadi nepuk si orang yang bermakmum sama saya tadi. Sholat dhuhur. Tapi setelah itu saya merasa agak aneh.

Hari jumat kemarin seperti yang saya tulis di post sebelumnya, kami di lab berdiskusi tentang beberapa hal terkait agama. Nah, teman saya yang dari Pakistan sebenernya merasa aneh dengan orang yang sholat munfarid terus ditepuk pundaknya. Di sana jamaah cuman sekali, ga ada yang model orang munfarid lalu ditepuk jadi imam.

Terus, saya cerita lah tentang kejadian yang saya alami. Komentar dia gini:

“Why did you tap him after he tapped to you? When he tapped to you, then his shalat counted as sunnah because you offering sunnah and when you tapped him you became makmum of sunnah prayer.”

Saya agak aneh dengan ini dan ingin argue dengan dia, tapi ya sudah lah (madzhabnya saja sudah beda, yang madzhabnya sama aja udah beda-beda padahal). Lalu pas ngobrol sama Bombom sang ulama arabia malam ini katanya sih aturan saya nggak usah nge-tap lagi ke dia. Lagian harusnya makmum masbuk nggak boleh jadiin imam lagi sama makmum masbuk lain. Tapi sebenarnya terkadang hal kayak gini umum terjadi.

Tapi ini agak membingungkan sih, kayaknya nanti saya harus nanya ke orang yang ngerti. (Berasa sia-sia gini mata pelajaran Fiqh dan Ibadah Muamalah yang dipelajari dari SD sampai SMA, udah nguap entah kemana?)

Ada yang tahu?


Settling in

It was around eight o’clock. I just browsed through the Internet, looking for some e-book of classic novel which my Grandfather used to search for during his lifetime. All of a sudden, my stomach created some sound. I thought it’s time to get some food. I was planning to have dinner since I finished offering Maghrib prayer anyway. So, I packed my stuffs, getting out of lab.

I was waiting for 179 bus at Wee Kim Wee bus stop. There were two buses coming at the same time. I took the first bus. Seeing no empty seat in the lower deck, I decided to go to upper deck. There should be a lot of empty seats over there, I thought.

When I reached the upper level, I saw every row had been taken by at least one person who sat next to the window. When this is the case, I’d better sit next to a lady (because I hate it when some guy take a sit beside while there is another option for him, so I don’t want the other guy feels the same). So I was looking up to every row only to find there’s someone I know sitting alone: my senior, the first person my professor introduced me when I just came to Singapore: Su Yee.

Su Yee is from Myanmar. She is doing Ph.D under the same supervisor. She has submitted her thesis and now converted to part-time Ph.D student because she had accepted a job offer in another lab while waiting the outcome of her submission and also (of course) her thesis defense. It was a coincidence that we were on the same bus, it’s the first time ever. Moreover, I had not seen her for awhile since she spent more time at other lab, plus we’re now rarely having group meeting.

So I asked her regarding how life goes near to the end of Ph.D studentship journey. She told me initially she was applying for a number of jobs outside campus before, got interviewed five times, but then did not get it. She said that industry needs hands-on experience. However, in our research group, the area is very theoretical, full of mathematical equation.

During the job pursuit, she’s still working part-time in another lab. Luckily, she got an offer from people in that lab. The topic is not really her research topic but still related, it is on Radar. She said that finally they offered her and she’s also willing to go to this new field. And now she’s also working on practical things, playing with antenna, instead of only typing matlab codes for beamforming, DOA, and TOA simulation.

Yeah, and then she alighted one bus stop after Pioneer MRT. I was alighting at Jurong Point and having dinner with Tahu Telor (although I was planning to eat Gado-gado, but you know I was not expecting Gado-gado still available around this hour).

That’s what happened at night. And what happened during the day?

Today I was a bit late to go for Friday prayer. My stomach got sick, so I left home at around 12.45.  When I was waiting for 199 bus initially, so when 172 came I didn’t step up. Shaheryar (a labmate) texted me just after the bus left. He told me I might be missing Friday prayer in NTU because it would start at 1.

I decided to wait for the next 172 and I saw Mas Oni was also waiting in this bus stop. He didn’t know if there’s any Friday prayer in NTU (I will tell about how the thing usually goes).  Mas Oni is the first stranger to give me greeting when I was first registering in NTU. Mas Hata and I met him in the lift. He started the conversation by speaking Javanese words. And then he said, “Ten years ago, I was like you.” He is also ITB alumni. Then, he gave his name card, and showed us where the canteen is.

On the way returning to NTU, Mas Oni was playing 2048, he said it’s better than flappy bird (later on I discovered a game which combining flappy bird and 208 LOL).

When I arrived at lab, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I was just surfing until Shaheryar and Evan came. We had a long discussion regarding so many stuffs, starting from exam, traditional language, Ph.D life, and even Islamic culture (and how Islam has so many school of thought).

The conversation went further into Social Media. Evan asked me why did I have so many social media account. I said I’m easily get bored so sometimes I don’t use them all at once, I even deactivate them for some time. When we talked about era before facebook, everyone mentioned different website, and of course I mentioned Friendster :p.

Right when I started to bring up the usage of social media for political agenda, Zeeshan was arriving. He then joined the discussion. We also discussed how Islamic world banned some movie or social media. Zeeshan also told me there was a movie about early Islamic era which didn’t depict Prophet Mohammad at all but still got banned in some countries: The Message. It’s a bit ironic since its story was authorized by Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

And of course when four Muslims from three different countries (and perhaps with four different school of thoughts) were sitting down, we discussed about some local Islamic culture and so on. However, I just knew that Pakistan has blocked Youtube. We also discussed about sisha(hookah), weed, marijuana, Cuban cigar, and how those things are very easy to get in each country.

All of a sudden, Shaheryar asked what time it was. It turned out we had been discussing for almost four hours. So everyone was getting back to their cubicle.

And yeah, during the discussion, Evan also mentioned that he just had the settling-in interview. It was a mandatory meeting with academic adviser in the first semester. I was doing that interview too. But at that time, I didn’t feel like I had settled in. I didn’t find a comforting environment at lab. Everyone was busy doing their stuff, I didn’t have conversation like these. But I think, now I had settled in for real.

However, I’d still have one more paper next week. I hope I can do my best since it’s the very last time for me. It was a long story and I hope I could write it down here one day. And from all of these stuffs that I discussed, I’m planning to do several things if I continue my Ph.D. I would like to start playing with hands-on stuff.

* It should have been posted yesterday, but I fell asleep

Susahnya Menyingkirkan Ke-aku-an

Memang masih misteri dan dikatakan bahwa ‘roh’ adalah urusan Tuhan. Adapun literatur yang tersedia mengenai Diri Sejati pun tak pernah bisa memberikan penjelasan gamblang. Sebab dalam bahasa terdapat kuantifikasi yang mungkin memiliki galat, berbeda dengan pengalaman langsung yang sifatnya realitas tanpa model.

Lalu saat pagi tadi aku diberikan nasihat,

“Nanti jangan lupa singkirkan ‘aku'”

Aku pikir dia gampang. Ah pastilah bakal aku singkirkan keakuan itu, pikirku. Tapi malam ini saat berintrospeksi, aku pun tersadar keakuan itu belum tersingkirkan sepenuhnya. Ia sempat muncul, menyeruak, dan mengambil alih ketiadaan.


Dalam upaya penghilangan ke-aku-an, sering jasmani kita sendiri menjadi penghalang. Mungkinkah saat kita paksa tubuh ini dan dia sebenarnya merasa tersiksa, justru saat itulah jiwa kita sedang menari-nari bahagia?


Bagaimana seharusnya memandang dunia? Ada yang bilang dunia adalah sebuah cermin besar atas diri kita. Dia tak berubah, dia selalu apa adanya. Kita lah yang membuat dia baik atau kejam.

Tapi cermin, tak akan berfungsi tanpa cahaya. Dan rupanya diri kita pun hanya cermin atau lensa.


Maka sekali lagi kita harus pahami betul apa substansi dari hebat. Dengan mengetahui apa sebenarnya yang kita tuju setidak-tidaknya kita dapat lebih memilah dan menenak ke-aku-an.

Lihatlah, semua orang sedang panas-panasnya dengan ke-aku-an, sehingga melupakan hal terpenting dari hidup.

(Rasanya tadi pagi banyak sekali yang ingin ditulis, tapi sayang inspirasinya menguap entah ke mana)

2 Steps for getting off to a good start

I don’t know why but somehow these tips are useful, not only for academic journey but also for life in general.  So I want to re-type these tips that I found in “A graduate student’s guide to NTU” booklet from NTU Graduate Student’s Club (which I got during my orientation… and I suddenly stumbled upon it when I was searching for some stuff in my room!)


Here are the tips:

1) Expect failure and frustration, lots of it. Get upset, get up, and then GET ON with it! Continue reading “2 Steps for getting off to a good start”

“Dinda Effect” Jelang Pemilu, dan Lesson Learnednya

Beberapa hari lalu heboh-heboh soal Dinda yang mengeluh di path (dan rupanya discreenshot dan disebar-sebarin ama orang yang pastinya temen di pathnya sendiri) beserta pembelaannya. Lalu mulai muncul-lah reaksi-reaksi yang bisa diamati di facebook dan path.

Nah sekarang gue gamau bahas soal kasus itu dulu, tapi mau bahas sedikit efek yang bisa gue amati di timeline gue.

Salah satunya ini:

1. Bisakah kita mempercayai teman kita sendiri? Apalagi sekarang path udah nambah kuota temen? Apakah Anda memilih kuantitas atau kualitas?


2. Terus ada lagi lawakan temen gue. Apakah suatu saat “Dinda Effect” ini akan jadi seperti ini? Masuk infotainment seperti Arya Wiguna dan kasus Mbah siapa (yang gue bahkan lupa namanya), dan mungkinkah kelak dia menjadi Caleg di Pemilu 2019. Akankah dia menang? 

Screenshot_2014-04-17-10-00-17-1 Continue reading ““Dinda Effect” Jelang Pemilu, dan Lesson Learnednya”

Nyanyian Lukisan Tak Bertuan

pada lukisan tak bertuan

tergoreskan lirik-lirik rupa berpola

disusun secara manis dalam irama

jikalau Tuan sanggup merasakan

warna-warni padanya tak pernah diam

mereka bernyanyi dengan caranya sendiri

membunyikan nada-nada yang tak tertangkap mata dan telinga

menyiratkan pesan langit kepada sanubari

sekiranya Tuan punya segumpal hati yang peka

dapatlah niscaya, meraba dan memahami

nyanyian dari lukisan tak bertuan

Continue reading “Nyanyian Lukisan Tak Bertuan”

Encoding Evolution?

Since yesterday I have been feeling a bit unwell. Today I decided to take rest at home. During my contemplative moment in the bathroom, some question crossed my mind. How come 23 pairs of chromosomes could pass so much genetic complexity.

And if to take it a little bit further, is it possible that mutation in genes could make so much difference between the parents and the off-springs and set the whole chain of evolution in motion?

Now, I don’t have sufficient knowledge on Biology to make any comment regarding this matter. In fact, Biology has always been my least favorite subject. But nowadays I started to develop some interest in Biology at particular topics, for example: how to make sure the next generation of human being could have sufficient intelligence to keep our civilization progressive [1], and why it is said that our the genes could encode particular magical stuffs such as (mating-partner choice, trauma, and so on)

However, since I am studying Electrical Engineering, I think it’s possible to generate so much data by using only a set of input. Using combinatorial logic circuit alone, the result is already amazing. Let’s say we have 5 inputs. We can generate the output by using combination of 3 of them, 2 of them or 4 of them, or two of them combined by another two of them and so on. Moreover, we can use sequential circuit too, and furthermore do some filtering and adaptation to generate random things, or modelling the thing just like AR, MA, or ARMA, etc. And about the mutation, we can look at it as if fault occurs in some of the circuit, then we can learn it by using Fault Dictionary Table and map the evolution tree.

Having finished my things, I started to open wikipedia, looking for some basic knowledge on DNA stuffs [2]. Unfortunately, reading those names of protein revives my trauma of Biology. But I found some interesting fact:

In a paper published in Nature in January, 2013, scientists from the European Bioinformatics Institute and Agilent Technologies proposed a mechanism to use DNA’s ability to code information as a means of digital data storage. The group was able to encode 739 kilobytes of data into DNA code, synthesize the actual DNA, then sequence the DNA and decode the information back to its original form, with a reported 100% accuracy. The encoded information consisted of text files and audio files. A prior experiment was published in August 2012. It was conducted by researchers at Harvard University, where the text of a 54,000-word book was encoded in DNA.”

Now, I have a lot of things in mind after encountering this ah-ha moment, yet I don’t want to make this one a long post. In conclusion, again, I felt so amazed how a complexity could be generated by a simple rule, a simple ideology to set an endless development: evolution.

Some references that I’d like to put here:



Tentang Punggawa Perubahan dan Sindrom 25, Teori IMP vs DRTK

Dari yang saya amati kalau bertemu dengan sesama anak ITB biasanya yang diomongin masuk 2 kategori: cinta atau obrolan mengawang. Bukannya obrolan seputar cinta tidak mengawang apalagi bagi para pejuang cinta yang sering patah hati atau gak enak karena mematahkan hati tapi kalau obrolan seputar idealisme agar supaya (redundan sekali) kita bisa bikin perubahan di dunia itu jauh lebih mengawang dari obrolan tentang cinta yang selalu tak terjangkau dan tak konklusif.

Contoh obrolan absurd yang mengawang di bus:

“Menurut lo gue cocok nggak jadi Menteri Pemberdayaan Wanita?”

“Enggak, lo cocoknya jadi Menteri Akhlak dan Cinta”

“Wanjir kalo gue menteri akhlak, hancurlah moral bangsa. Gue mau jadi Menristek aja”

“Lo nggak cocok jadi Menristek. Menristek tuh harusnya kayak Mabok”

“Lah Habibie aja jadi Menristek”

“Habibie kan geek”

“Serius lo, Habibie geek, ngapain jadi menteri coba?”

“Ya itu karena disuruh”

Oke, sebelum memberikan potongan-potongan lain. Siapa sebenarnya orang yang saya ajak diskusi? Dia seseorang berinisial IMP, seseorang yang membuat teori (sebut aja teori biar keren, sebenernya cuman khayalan filosofis) Tiga Kesempatan:

bahwa sebenarnya kita selalu diberi kesempatan 3 kali untuk memutar waktu pada suatu kejadian

namun aturannya, ketika kita memutar waktu, kita akan lupa akan hal itu

Sama seperti saya, IMP dengan teori-teori Fisika Sosial-nya adalah orang yang punya keinginan terpendam untuk masuk jurusan psikologi. Semasa kuliah, dia adalah sparring partner dengan jam terbang perdebatan paling tinggi yang mencakup berbagai tema di berbagai tempat dan kota. Dan kami lebih sering tidak mencapai kesepakatan bersama.

Nah berhubung saya lagi malas nulis, tapi karena saya habis quiz dan pengen refreshing, saya bikin aja notulensi singkat mengenai diskusi kami.

Tipe Kepribadian Pemimpin

Jadi di sini kita sedikit ngebahas gimana seorang leader bisa rise to power. Continue reading “Tentang Punggawa Perubahan dan Sindrom 25, Teori IMP vs DRTK”

Posted A New Video On Youtube

It’s been a long time since my latest update in YouTube.  In fact, Mabok and I were planning to create some informative YouTube channel, however due to many reasons it’s not materialized yet.

Meanwhile, today I felt a bit bored so I decided to make a cover on YouTube(It also feels like I haven’t played guitar for a while). And I think this is the first time I uploaded a cover on YouTube. Well, there’s some video of me singing a broken heart song during my time in ITB. It was uploaded by a friend of mine.

This is my very first cover. Not quite good but I think it’s okay to upload it.

And this one is sort of madness I did back then :))

Gambar sketsa yang gak mirip aslinya



“Itu Aban, sama Ina kan? terus satu lagi gua nggak tau” (1)

“Iya gw semacam kenal sketchnya fik, Itu beneran foto gw renhat mirzy kan? apa bukan? :)) ” (2)

“Lo amy ganang” (3)

Sedih sih sebenernya pas gambar kita ga mirip. Apalagi jawaban nomer (2), inget banget tuh dulu pernah jaman kuliah di ITB tingkat akhir nyoba bikin karikatur orang nomor (2) terus dibilang ga mirip. Sekarang giliran pengen gambar orang lain, dia bilang mirip dia. Ironis. Tapi mungkin ini skill saya, jadi kalau mau gambar seseorang niatnya harus gambar orang lain misalnya gituh :))

Tapi saya menghargai kejujuran teman-teman sekalian. Biarpun pahit jleb jleb jleb :)) . But here the story goes.. Continue reading “Gambar sketsa yang gak mirip aslinya”

Gimana orang jaman dulu kepikiran untuk bernegara?

Pernah nggak sih lo bangun pagi dan berpikir, sejak kapan sih kita care bahwa hukum harus ditegakkan? Sejak kapan pemerintah harus jadi akuntabel? Kenapa gue terlahir di Indonesia? Kenapa bisa ada negara-negara? Kenapa sekarang demokrasi diagung-agungkan sedangkan jaman dulu monarki populer pisan? Kenapa negara ada yang maju ada yang enggak? Kenapa ada inequality di dunia ini?

Pertanyaan seperti ini menarik. Dan ketika itu berangkat dari rasa ingin tahu yang otentik, maka mempelajari yang namanya sejarah, ekonomi, sosiologi, atau antropologi menjadi asyik. Beda sama kalo kita belajar karena terpaksa. Continue reading “Gimana orang jaman dulu kepikiran untuk bernegara?”