Once upon a time, Dusk and Day were lounging together. They were looking at the sky as the way it is. It was not the sky which dances with Night nor the sky which dances with Dawn. The sky at its independent form, not attached to any knot of time. Of course, what they see is different to what earth creatures see, they are the Time itself after all.


Accompanied by two cups of teh tarik, they enjoyed the beauty of the sky. Dusk, who had been so exhausted after fulfilling his duty, could now relax his muscle for a while. He straightened up his body, lying down at the top of the Tower of Time.

“I hope Night would enjoy his shift. This period would be a long one for him, just as usual,” said Day opening up the conversation

“Yeah, I guess we still have a lot of time before we need to wake Dawn up.. The sky is so beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is”

“And the sky is always true to itself, becoming just exactly itself. Has it not ever been bored of it?”

That’s right, has the sky ever been bored to be the sky? thought Day. This nonsensical question from Dusk gave rise to a new question in Day’s head. Dusk was just being Dusk, sometimes he throws random bothering question. It could keep lingering around the head even until Night returning home.

“O Dusk, what about you yourself, do you ever feel bored of the duty assigned to us? To become Day, to become Dusk..”


One question from Day had awakened Dusk. In fact, there were some other questions which had perturbed his feeling lately. Now, he, who had been lying down, sat down and sipped teh tarik from its small cup.

“O Day, do you know, sometimes I ask myself, what would I do if I were born as you? What would Dusk do if he was born to be Day?”

Day stared at Dusk as if requesting for an explanation of what Dusk had just questioned.

“I mean, what if I were born and named as Day, and you were named Dusk? Would they still call me Dusk? What kind of color would earth creatures see? Would Day become Dusk and Dusk become Day?”

Day frowned. What Dusk had just said was so confusing, but in some way, she could comprehend the message which Dusk wanted to convey. In fact, she also had a few similar questions in mind.

“Is it possible that Night would still be Night and Dusk would still be Dusk? Or Dusk would come early, just before Day would appear?”

Now, Dusk stared back at Day. Both of them felt as if they had just discovered many questions worth to be questioned. For too long, they had been doing their job and now they forgot how all of these started. The rise and fall of superpowers of the world. The death of stars in galaxies. They had seen too much of it. Unlike humans who make wish when they see comet and calling it ‘falling star’, they took for granted all natural phenomena. Nothing special, it is only the Creator’s will, they thought. But now, all of a sudden they felt the urge to find the answer to address some things.

to be continued

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