Sometimes we forget to detach ourselves from our experiences. When I feel like I’m started losing some control because all the things consumed me, I’d talk to myself, “Take it easy, dude!

It is important to recall whatever you’ve been dealing with, it will eventually pass. No matter how hard it is. Do not ever judge everything during those difficult moments. It would be a bias judgment.

But yeah, we’re hardwired to complain about things as it started to get harder. Well, we could adapt to those hardships and eventually stop complaining (only if we’re willing to endure the pain as a price for a personal growth). Just like that popular song says, even broken heart can’t be that bad when it’s through. it’s through. 

And, on top of all that, everything we encounter in life is a part of the life-long learning chain. Sometimes it affects our physical and emotional parts. But remember, the journey is the learning itself. We’re here to learn and to observe.

And that’s why I took my time to observe how birds enjoying the blue sky. Or to muse the beauty of flowers.



(many things to write. limited resources)

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