Catching Up QE Report Deadline

Initially, I thought making a video blog would be easier. Since I couldn’t find inspiring time to write blog, and it’s like a few weeks since my last log. So I decided to give it a try yesterday:

It’s not really good, as I was doing it spontaneously before playing futsal. It’s quite difficult as english isn’t my mother tongue, I guess I need to create a proper script for the next video blog.

Yeah, so currently I’ve been writing up my report. I was feeling unwell in the previous week, so I didn’t go to the lab for two or three days. Too much staring at monitor makes you feel dizzy. I know that I have my deadline, but in the end I know that our well-being (physically and mentally) is more important than whatever we’ve been up to.

At the week before, I even tried to contemplate and enjoy the situation in a lake. I wrote some Indonesian poem there. You know, sometimes you just feel wanna stop for a while from the hustle bustle in life.

In the week before that week, I went to Jakarta. The funny stories are:

– I was offered an earlier flight because my flight was overbooked. Although initially I was planning to chill out at the airport, enjoying Thai food, I ended up hurrying to catch up the earlier flight and to eat just a cup of instant noodle 😦

– However, because of delay, my schedule ‘reverted’ back to the original schedule :)) But luckily, I unexpectedly met some college friends at Cengkareng (also thanks to path which somehow showed my location although I turned it off)

—initially I’ve finished this post, but then somehow it’s not saved although I’ve clicked the publish button 😦 😦 T_T due to some error, so maybe I will just post some summary —

– I visited airport three days in a row. In the second day, I spent more than 6 hours, traveled from terminal to terminal. Initially I planned to go to BNI to reset my i-banking password, but they were all closed. I talked to my mom it’s okay to take a walk around the airport since usually we’re in hurry. I didn’t realize what I wished for. My brother’s flight got delayed a few hours. The flight status display at SHIA is not reliable. It said my brother’s plane was landed at around 4, but it turned out his actual arrival was around 6.

– I met one of Bujang FC members. We rarely talked and it turned out he’s graduated from ITB too and also taking the same flight.

– I did manage to register for autogate in SHIA, yeah finally!!

– I don’t know why, but when I visit Jabodetabek, even for a short trip, it always bring some spiritual recharge. So many secrets of life were revealed during these short trips.

Coming back from the spiritual retreat, I started writing up my report (as I told in the previous paragraph). And as I’ve said in the video blog, once again I encountered the situation where I overestimated my capability at work. So at the end of the first week of this month, I just finished writing up the equation. Initially I thought I could finish all of it at the end of the first week. Pffftttt

However, because I wasn’t getting any better I decided to take more rest. But then Dannis went here to attend Google CMO Academy. So I decided to meet him, and yeah, I didn’t regret it at all because talking with an old friend who shares the same initial point after graduation and the same interest to dream big, is always energizing.

And then, finally we finished the book of Singapore’s education system. I’m so glad that finally I got the chance to give even a small contribution to my country. I think it’s been 2 years I’m living a quiet life. Only thinking about myself. Discovering myself. But it’s the best investment I had in life so far since it’s constructing the very foundation of my journey in becoming ‘The True Self’ or ‘Diri Sejati’ as stated in some Javanese Spirituality book I read a few years back.

What else did I write this morning ?

Umm, I think I’m gonna put some photos later to complete the story. And at the end of the day, I realized that I still need to exercise my gratitude muscle.

And now let’s get back to work!!



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