What I Think When I Watch Lucy

Since two weeks ago, I have been trying to slow down my tempo for the previous weeks I felt headache too often. I go home early. I try to have fun, watching lots of movies, tv series, reading lots of books (some activity that has been paused for a while/few months). Anyway, I had my first draft of QE report reviewed by my supervisor on Sept 26th. Initially he was planning to give the feedback on Monday 29th. I was about to go to some cafe with Adhi and Keoni when suddenly he called and asked me to come over at 6 pm. And then we went through the draft. He was on leave for the week after. I finally printed out and submitted my QE report in the previous week.

And time feels like moving too fast. This is my third year. My supervisor expect me to finish my research in the next one solid year. I don’t know why but he seems optimistic although I have not yet published any publication.

Time. It’s one of the most crucial things in the whole world. And as been told in Lucy,

existence only proven through time. Yeah, it’s because we’re trapped in the space-time dimension we can be bothered with so many things like: thinking about how the universe works and whether there is something faster than light; worried with out future, etc.

It brings me back to a question which bugged my mind when I was 5. How can we live in eternity in the hereafter? It’s beyond my limit to be able to imagine there will always be day after tomorrow with no end. Even now, after 17 years has passed, I still couldn’t imagine about it.

Time also forces us to choose. I don’t know why, but I’m just simply curious about everything. Since I started my PhD, I was forced to learn independently anything I need to study. And since I don’t really participate in organizational activities, I have lot of time to read books and watch documentaries. I started to fall in love with science, and all form of knowledge.

Sometimes, I really want to learn everything seriously. I want to be neuroscientist, political scientist, behavioral economist, sociologist, theoretical physicist, a serious writer, painter, etc. On the other hand, I also have my dream to build up an innovation ecosystem in my country. But of course I have to first prove myself to be able to make a disruptive innovation. And I believe there’s still a long way to go. I don’t know how long it will take, but I know exactly my time is limited. At the end of the day I must choose.

But after all, as we see on Lucy, some say that the meaning of life is to pass on to the next generation the genes, the knowledge, the technology, and everything we take with us during our lives.

Yeah, it’s because we’re trapped in space-time continuum. But I believe, there’s something more than this mundane life. Our investment is not only for our lives in this world. Our true investment is supposed to be returned when we’re at the hereafter.

It’s probably just a repetition from this notes: http://rousyan.tumblr.com/post/98882274152/some-footnote


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