A Complete yet Imperfect Life

Yesterday*, I finally finished “To Kill a Mockingbird” while reading on train in a journey from Novena to Boon Lay after meeting up with Budi, the quintessential handsome of EL ITB 2007.

Have you ever thought that ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’ could be interchangeable when you change your perspective?

Conversation with Budi

Budi and I were walking from Sommerset to Novena. We discussed lots of things, mostly about love, career, and the meaning of life. Before that, he once said that I’m thinking too much about life. But yesterday, he was also showing his interest to reveal the mystery of life. He said he figured out that money and joy aren’t the stuffs we’re looking for. Up to some point, life still feels tasteless even when you could afford tasteful foods. So, that’s why he thought he need a concrete purpose, something where the milestones could be seen vividly.

We also discussed about ups and downs that we have encountered in life. We both have the same view that pain is a part of completeness in life. We once opted to pursue love, but learned about suffering instead. And only when we have felt the bitterness of life, we could then feel the sweetness that it brings. And through the event that tormented us, we found the “power up” item to make us stronger. Continue reading “A Complete yet Imperfect Life”