On Piece of Writing

As much as I like to write a long post, a piece of writing can never reflect me as a whole.

Word is just a word, sometimes.

I am a believer in the concept of ‘learning by heart’, when it comes to unraveling the mystery of life at its truest. As a curious being, human has developed logic and ‘formal method’ in his/her attempt to have a clear picture of the world where he/she lives in. Except, it is not as simple as that.

This pursuit of answer is an lifelong learning process, an evolution of understanding in which so many variables need to be considered. Reading a different sentence, encountering a different person, thinking a different idea at a particular time, even in a short term, could lead into a different understanding. Let alone a specific life course that everyone has been through.

But, having said that, I believe words have some sort of power. It’s not that there is a scientific proof nor physical law behind this belief. Nevertheless, words can change someone’s mindset. Someone can acquire knowledge by exposing him/her self to words. And from this change of ideas it could gear up the chain of civilization. When one changes one’s mindset, it will eventually change one’s behavior given enough time. Given enough time too, a new behavior will produce something, some work, some achievement. And, seeing the pattern, sometimes some revolution may occur.

However, sometimes, words are not the perfect form to contain that energy. Some people could feel as if they feel the same thing, just because they are communicating through words on screen. But, the fact is not always so. In this sense, forcing other people to understand what we exactly understand is virtually impossible.

And it is the job of a human being to understand all of these in the first place. In every situation, a human must humble themselves knowing this reality. This way, there is always a doubt in everything one’s sure of. This way, there is always a mystery in which experiences and ages are fail to level us up from the beginner stage. And thus, the curiosity never settles down. There is always a new thing to learn everyday until the end of time.

And you know nothing, Jon Snow!

As one reaches tranquility, the shackles of words are destroyed. And one just uses it as a means to continue the journey. To share the least he can share. To keep the least he can keep.


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