Pseudo-Prisoner of Plato’s Cave

There is always one expected question when I talk to someone who acknowledges his/her doubt of anthropomorphic-God’s existence. However, it’s just another FAQ that I could never answer. And it just came across my eyes, this very quote

“Life is too deep for words. So don’t try to describe it. Just live it.” -C.S. Lewis

Yet, no matter how indescribable a stuff is, a man wants to communicate. Somehow, it’s hardwired on our genes, the will to survive. This will to preserve our genes, leads to altruism which means whenever we discover something, we would like to make sure our fellow humans discover it too.

Ideally, a man can discover the sweetness of this discovery. And all human can be saved from not knowing the truth. Or the Truth.

Some people who have acquired a new perspective will see a world that is different to that of the most people around them. And it’s not easy for the other to understand. Because one must have gone through a long hell of a journey in order to discover the so called new perspective.

It forces these people to live as a pseudo-prisoner of the cave. They may talk about sadness, love, broken heart, and so on so forth with the other people. But the thing is, they don’t talk about the same thing.

They feel the cold separateness when they talk to their surrounding. But they know they must live there. And they should wear multiple-masks. Not because they want to, but because they are required to. Otherwise, everyone else would think they are crazy.

Alas, they would still be mistaken as lunatic.

But, it’s okay. By definition a higher order principle will overwrite the lower order principle. Once they are freed from the cave’s illusion, once they have seen the Unseen, they know exactly the corollary. To ignore those who are ignorant. To ignore the artificiality of the cave. To do anything, according to the Rules, to defend what is true.

Unfortunately, sometimes wearing that multiple-masks can corrupt their perspective. It’s also the very nature of human being to adjust and adapt. And the struggle is real to preserve this invaluable higher-order of consciousness.

Ngantuk coy.

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