On The Verge of Perfect Incompleteness

We revere super-quality in a person, yet we like to be around humble people. It is the humanity, the flaw that goes hand in hand with the beauty, and the energy brought by those people that makes us feel comfortable being around them.

We adore people who make history. The inventor of the integrated circuit and algebra, those thinkers and physicists who gave us myriad of perspectives on viewing the world. We adore the maniac in them. Their persistence in materializing their ambitions along with all their surreal talents. All those extraordinary qualities never stop to light up our brain for some adoration. What a crazy way of thinking! They are the legends. Fiction that made it to become the fact. Imagination that happened to swim across the imaginary axis to become the real part of life.

We love their stories. Their maniac stories. Our world wouldn’t be the same without them.

But, when it comes to what kind of person that we want to interact with in our daily lives, we prefer someone who can make our presence meaningful. They are people who acknowledge us and give us a real support. They may not as ‘super’ as those maniac who keep telling us to chase our passion, dream big, and not settle. They may only give us a simple cliche advice. Maybe, they are just another ordinary people. But we like to be around them. And when they are not there, we miss them.

We love them. The person. Not their stories. Our life is incomplete without them.

Well, the world may not be the same without the first kind of people. But, our lives may not be the same without the second.

And now, we have to think for ourselves: what kind of people we want to be? what kind of people that we can be? what kind of people the world needs us to be?

Last draft sebelum ngelanjutin: 21 Aug 2015

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