The Place.. where discontent fills the content of consciousness

People like me never belong to any particular city. It seems strange for everywhere I go, I feel both familiar and strange. When I meet people, I feel like I know them while at the same time I realise I know nothing about them.

Sometimes we think, we’ve grown wiser. More mature than before. Maybe we do change. But that change is too miniscule to drive a permanent transformation. It seems like all our efforts couldn’t oust the old neuron pathways that make up bad habits and degrading traits. It is simply not enough.

Failure to commit equals failure to start. In this life, we can do anything, but we can’t do everything. There’s always a catch. We must have some form of consistency. We can’t go 1 in the morning, and turn 0 again in the afternoon.

Yet, every place brings discontents. And it’s up to us whether we’re going to let that discontentment filling up our consciousness with no empty space left. It’s easier to let them take the throne, orchestrate a coup to the wisest superego. It takes no energy.

But, to keep order in our chaotic consciousness, it requires energy. Lots of it. At the end of the day, we must not forget what brings us here. It’s the mother of all good emotions. Gratitude.

This place is the place you were longing to be at some time ago. Maybe a decade ago, two years, a month, yesterday, or maybe.. a moment ago.

So, stop for a moment. Stop your mind from wandering wherever it wants to go. Stay at this place for some time. Enjoy the scenery. For it is the place you were once longing to be.

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