We Often Forget What Brought Us Here. And Now.

Consistency is hard. It requires focus and commitment. Because we know exactly, apart from the context that in life we might need to pivot, failure to commit equals failure to start.

Before we even realize, a small misadjustment which we initially tolerated has taken its toll. As we walk further, the degree of error is increasing rapidly. When we pause to have a look at how far we are from our goal, we ask to our very self:

What’s the use of all these if we do not [insert something that should have been The Priority but was forgotten] ?

It is tough to think strategically, let alone to execute. I once read an study (but I am just too lazy to google and put the link here) about the tendency of Strategic Kids evolving into Strategic Adults. Strategic thinking is a skill that we need to nurture. And I found that it does not have anything to do with how high your IQ are or how highly educated you are.

Why strategic thinking is hard? Because human tendency is to gain immediate gratification. Will alone is never enough to bypass this wicked nature of human. We need a system. A system to execute and a system to calibrate.

A system to execute means planning. A system to calibrate means reflection. We need to calibrate our direction from time to time, to make sure we make a good investment of our limited resources. And one does not simply realize the cost when the calibration system is broken. The very system that could usher us into progress, the most fundamental part of a Control System.

I am feeling it right now. My system of execution is broken. Mine for calibration is too. I rarely write nowadays. I rarely pour my thought. I rarely crystallize what has been going on with my life, what should I do, what should be the priority.

Now that I am broken, I get back to my resort to gain back my control in life. Blogging.

I once thought that, perhaps, in this chapter of my life, I should do more. Do more and more. More and more and more and more. And no other way.

But I forgot one thing. This skill. This habit is what has been generating most precious value in me. What distinguishes me from other people. My uniquity.

I just barely talked about the Control System of Life. I am yet to discuss the content of my life itself.

But I guess, I would write it down in my book. Sometimes, traditional way to do things are better.

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