The Engineer (About)

Hi there! My name is Syarif Rousyan Fikri. Most of my friends call me Fikri.

An Indonesian living in Singapore. I am 22 for a moment (and she feels better than ever and we’re on fire!)  23 24 now. A secondthird year PhD student extending his candidature (at least up to this moment), doing research in Radar.

I like to write random things (especially to jot down my contemplation). I write in Bahasa Indonesia most of the time, but at some moment I may write in English.

Apart from this blog, I have several other places to bring what’s on my mind into readable sentences such as tumblr, jux, and posterous.. However, currently this is my primary blog. (since posterous and jux are already closed)

Please enjoy my blog. It’s an honor for me if you are willing to give some feedback and/or comment.

If you have any random question, you can ask me at

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