Bootstrap (Life Lesson)

Here I want to make a list of auto-motivational writing compiled from other blogs of mine. Some of them were written during the moment of depression, at a few lowest points in my life.


Written in English:

You Shouldn’t Give Up When You Could

Today Is Tragedy, Yesterday Is Comedy


I Like Being Underdog

When You Are Happy

Ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

Obat Anti Galau


Ayah Ibu Bilang

Tak Usah Banyak Berpikir, Lakukan

Alunan Angin

Filosofi Phoenix

Titik Nadir



Written in English:

Don’t Hate Anyone

The Importance of Being Selfish

Ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia:


Perpisahan dan Pertemuan

Alasan Kecil untuk Berbuat Baik

Lebih Penting dari Kebenaran

Tentang Konflik Antar Teman




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